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The #1 Easy-To-Use Membership Community Software

Easy-To-Use Integrated Tools

MemberBoss offers everything that organizations need to manage their online presence. From online member databases, dues automation, ecommerce and event registrations to responsive websites, email marketing and event registrations, our products are perfect for small staffs.

Built with Insight from the Start

MemberBoss is a complete e-business solution that combines state-of-the-art content management, personalization, e-commerce and automated marketing features that optimize the member based engagement and marketing processes.

Tools to Manage Your Membership Community


Membership Database

The database securely stores all your member and prospect data and lets you easily search for members. Plus it fully integrates with the other system features, so email marketing and event registration becomes a snap.

Dues Renewals and Member Applications

With our solution, dues renewals will be more convenient for your members. They can set up and manage online payments, review account histories It will also increase your retention rates and improve your recruitment process.

Organizational Memberships

If your members are organizations and not just individuals, our new robust system empowers you to intuitively handle both member types.

Email Marketing

It’s never been easier to communicate with your members. Save time by building, scheduling and tracking the results of email campaigns all from the same platform.

Event Registration

You can easily create customizable registration forms and manage registrants online. Create sessions and tracks, allow users to register and track number of participants and selections!

Member Website & CMS

Easy to use simple yet powerful CMS membership website! Again all driven from the same platform so members only areas, committee only pages all set up in a breeze.

Membership Reports

You won’t have to dread pulling reports ever again. With our new system, you can get easy summaries of your membership, event registration, email, payment and website data.

Accounting & Payment Processing

We’ve got the tools to make your accountant happy. You won't believe how easy it is to set up payment processing, deal with invoices and export financials for use in QuickBooks or other accounting systems.

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