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Finding The Ideal Membership Management Software


Your association has grown to a size considerable enough for you to use technology to your advantage and increase productivity. You’ve been given the task of finding the most appropriate membership management software for your member-based organization. Where do you start? What should you be looking for? There’s a myriad of membership management software out there. Going through them to find just the right software for your unique organization is a very daunting task. Not only do you have to figure out what you need from Membership Management Software, but you also have to assess the software’s ability to deliver on meeting those needs. It can be difficult, but no worries. These few tips will help you have an easier time finding the right software:



Aside from being the first thing you should know before you look for a membership management platform, knowing your budget before you begin your search is exceptionally useful. Your search becomes much easier once you know how much is allocated for Membership Management Software. There are countless platforms for membership management and their price range is anywhere between zero to thousands of dollars. Knowing your budget allows you to limit your search to the available membership management softwares that fit your budget.

Additionally, knowing your budget helps you set the correct expectations during sales calls with software companies that do not have listed prices. It helps you negotiate affordable prices from a very firm and compelling foundation. You can tell them how much you are ready to pay, what you need, and ask how they can make a deal happen.


Understand Your Needs

It’s one thing to know your needs, but understanding your needs in a way that helps you recognize when a membership management platform can meet them is another thing. Understanding what it is that you need and being able to translate that into wording that helps you find the most fitting software is very useful. For instance you might know that you need a platform that can also help with sending personalized bulk emails for various marketing campaigns. However, looking up “membership send emails” wouldn’t be as useful as “Membership email marketing”. Speaking of which I know a fantastic membership management platform that has built-in email marketing and newsletter tools. It’s called MemberBoss.



A very important, but often overlooked aspect in finding the ideal membership management software is support. We usually don’t think of support, until it’s time to contact support. You should be asking yourself: “How is the quality of the software’s support service?” More than likely, your entire member-based organization will depend heavily on Membership Management Software to run. What happens once your team runs into issues with the software? Do you have to wait a whole week to have the solution to a time-sensitive problem? It’s better to find out beforehand and know what you are dealing with as far as being able to get help when it is most critical. Aside from having a dedicated support team, MemberBoss also has webinars as additional helpful resources.


Professional Digital Services

Sometimes finding the perfect software that meets your specific needs just right may be downright impossible due to the complexity of your needs or due to the combination of needs to be met being one in a million. This is where professional services come into play. In cases like these, you’ll need to find Membership Management Software that has professional digital services as well, like MemberBoss. This will allow you to have the exact platform you need by negotiating a deal that will allow for the addition or the development of features and tools that will best fit your organization’s needs.

Demo’s and Free Trials

Once you’ve found a suitable Membership Management Software, or a list of suitable ones, it would be negligent not to take full advantage of any free trial or demo. You pretty much get to test drive your platform before making any major purchase. It is the best way to evaluate the suitability of the software without any major commitment. As you perform this evaluation, it is very important to have clear objectives. Blindly playing around with the software doesn’t help you assess whether or not the platform can properly perform the tasks you need it to accomplish on a regular basis. Our Membership Management Software, MemberBoss offers both free trials and live demos. If you’d like to learn more about MemberBoss, feel free to Book a Demo and subscribe to The Boss Blog to get more helpful tips for you and your members!

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 5/22/2020 1:52:03 PM

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