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Using Membership Management Software as your Organization Grows


As your member-based organization grows, the work necessary to manage your membership grows as well. Keeping your members happy and engaged will require more work, on top of the work needed to obtain more members. The more work needs to be done, the more time is needed to accomplish all the required tasks. If your organization is not using Membership Management Software, all the work required to manage your membership can become quite cumbersome. This is because as your organization grows, you’ll likely be using different tools to accomplish different tasks. You might need to use an Excel spreadsheet to manage all your members’ data. You might need to use an Event Management tool for all your events. You might also need to use a CRM, an email platform, etc.

Using Membership Management Software, eliminates the need to jump from platform to platform in order to perform different tasks. Membership Management Software brings all the tools you need to manage your membership into one platform. Membership Management Software like MemberBoss helps streamline the process and enables you to handle the tasks that come with a growing membership. Here are a few benefits of using Membership Management Software as your organization grows:

Time Management

A common problem that growing member-based organizations face is that at a certain point there will be a lot more tasks related to managing members, leaving very little time to focus on growing membership. You might think that a good solution would be to either split the workload with other team members or hire someone to take on the growing workload. This seems like a reasonable solution, and it is, but only up to a certain point. It won’t be too long until the amount of work to be done increases again and you reach another saturation point, especially if you’re doing a good job attracting new members. What will you do now? Hire another person? Sure that might work temporarily again. However, this strategy is not a viable one. It will put you at risk, because all it would take is one bad year where a lot of members don’t renew and you’ll be operating at a loss with additional team members that you didn’t have to bring on board.

Having Membership Management Software helps solve this issue in a preventative way. Without Membership Management Software like MemberBoss, management-related processes become inefficient and time-consuming as your organization grows. These processes are much more efficient and in some cases even automated with Membership Management Software. This will allow your team members not only to be more effective, but also to have more time focusing on gaining more members in your organization. This way, you know that if you have to add more members to your team, they will actually be more effective and more valuable.

Better Track Member Engagement

If you’re not using Membership Management Software, having useful data and tracking the behaviors of your members can be quite challenging. As mentioned earlier, you’d be using different software platforms to accomplish different tasks related to your membership. This makes it especially difficult to get an overall picture of your membership engagement. Subsequently, knowing where to focus your efforts to better serve your members and drive engagement will be problematic and burdensome.

In addition to doing everything the different software platforms are doing, Membership Management Software will also track member interactions across each engagement undertaking and give you a better understanding of how your members are engaging. This is vital to any member-based organization.

Still Being Able to Create Value

Possibly the biggest overlooked issue with growing a membership without Membership Management Software is not having the time to create value. Growth is not just about more of the same to a bigger audience. It’s also about innovation and serving better. Operating without a Membership Management Software takes that away from you as you grow. As you grow, without Membership Management Software like MemberBoss to streamline all your management-related processes, you’d be spending most of your time maintaining the value you’ve created and not having time to create additional value. Your time will be mostly absorbed by managing your existing membership. It will become more and more of a struggle to keep the members you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Using Membership Management Software will free up your time to implement ways of adding more value to your existing customers and your newcomers.

It’s a no-brainer. For a growing member-based organization, it is far more beneficial to have Membership Management Software like MemberBoss. The only constant thing in life is change. That applies to organizations as well. There comes a certain point in the growth of an organization where a change has to happen in order to keep growing. That change might as well be adopting Membership Management Software. If you’d like to learn more about MemberBoss, feel free to Book a Demo. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to The Boss Blog to get more helpful tips for you and your members.

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 4/10/2020 3:42:02 PM

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