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Membership Manager

Looking for a more robust system for managing your association membership without the costs associated to a Full Blown AMS solution? Look no further than Membership Manager. Membership Manager can provide all of the core functionality of a more expensive back-office software AMS package, but with the convenience of web accessibility, seamless integration and at a fraction of the cost. The module is ready out-of­-the-box,

or like all Contensive products, can be, customized to meet your associations specific needs.

Membership Manager extends the functionality of the standard Contensive data store. It is designed for those associations who do not have a legacy system in place or want to upgrade. Membership Manager's flexibility makes it the ideal solution for rapidly building highly scalable and reliable online association member management solutions. The seamless integration of Contensive cloud-based Application Server makes it easier than ever to manage and build powerful XML Web services-and online association member solutions quickly and affordably.

Easy To Use Dashboard

The membership manager is the admin dashboard where you can find and access all of the tools needed to manage your association membership. Membership Manager provides a streamlined approach to managing your professional or trade organization. It is designed to be flexible, and provide your association or non-profit with an affordable, scalable and customizable set of features.

Account Manager

Allows you to keep an eye on your membership from and executive level and manage the details at the account level.

  • Quickly get a visual of all membership accounts in the system with filters for: active, expired, deactivated and pending
  • Update pricing seamlessly and have changes flow through to online join forms
  • Define grace periods for memberships system wide or by the membership type
  • Create new membership types, timeframes and costs on the fly
  • Manage account status, and membership types
  • Define primary and billing contacts from records in your system to prevent multiple record management
  • Maintain join dates and expiration dates individually at the account level
  • Track all ecommerce (join/renew, event registrations, publication sales, donations, sponsorships, etc.) at the account level to better understand the value of a particular membership to your association.

Invoice Manager

Membership Manager gives you and easy way to automate the notification and collection of dues renewal for all the members’ accounts in your database.

  • Send out automated, personalized email invoices, print invoices or fax invoices
  • Automatically generate reminder notices at preset intervals with customizable messaging (15 day, 30 day and 60 day notices)
  • Use online tools to allow members to pay online and update member information seamlessly
  • Define expiration dates and dues renewal dates on a calendar date or join date method.
  • Automatically update groups and user privileges based on members renewing or expiring
  • Transaction reporting and purchase histories can be exported to third party accounting systems
  • Member “My Account” page lets users manage their own information and easily see all outstanding invoices and conveniently pay them online.

People Information

Membership Manager integrates with your existing Contensive database so there is a seamless transition and no duplication of record entry.

  • Over 150 people attributes in the people records
  • Customizable fields are allowed
  • Group attributes associated to memberships are automatically managed
  • Integrated profile forms allow members to manage their own data saving costs on administrative overhead.

Organization Information

Trade associations are memberships associated with an organization, where the benefits of that membership are extended to individuals associated with the company.

  • Organization records have over 50 standard attributes associated to their records and custom fields are allowed.
  • Empower primary contact of that organization to add/delete members using the Organization profile dashboard
  • Track different attributes for the company and employees
  • Set enrollment levels and renewal fees based on attributes like annual revenue, number of employees and location
  • Set limits on the number of individuals within the company who maintain member privileges

Member Export

All Reporting tasks are exportable for internal use. In order to minimize repetitive data entry, Membership Manager integrates with the existing Contensive web data.

Membership Invoice Customization

You can control the invoice process to match your association’s workflow.

  • Custom invoices per membership type
  • Custom grace periods built-in
  • Admin defined length of membership
  • Admin defined processing or set up fees
  • Custom renewal fees
  • Group affiliation management